All our restaurants are self-service so regardless of how large or small your party size is, you’re able to eat from various places and please all tastes, yet share the same table and experience. This makes for excellent group style eating, as well as being ideal for families, kids and smaller parties.



Fried and Grilled chicken from the Patty&Bun crew. 

It started out as an idea - taking roots from P&B’s ‘Hot Chic’ Chicken burger and the Winger Winger Chicken Dinner confit bbq wings, we wanted to build a standalone fried chicken spin off with all the same attention to detail, quality and love we put in at Patty. 

The menu is simple with a focus on accessibility, flavour and value.



Feel good Chinese food! Everything from baos to dumplings to noodles & salads - authentic, fresh and super tasty. They also have a great section of vegan dishes, you really can’t go wrong!


Salt Shed logo Stencil.jpg

Salt Shed started as curing meats but then the barbecue aspect really came into play, pastrami (smoked salt beef) began to fly! they now serve an array of cuts that are slow smoked or hot grilled with some very complementing sauces.